Our Mission combines education, awards, grants & a network of support to promote dressage in BC


Our Mission combines education, awards, grants & a network of support to promote dressage in BC





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Dressage BC 2018 AGM

November 17th, 2018 – 12:00pm

1) Opening of Meeting

2) Confirmation of Quorum

3) Confirm minutes of the previous AGM

4) Consideration of the reports of the director

a. Annual Report of the President

b. Report of the Treasurer

i) Approval of 2018 Financial Statements 

c. Any other reports; 

5) Re-election of directors and appointment to the offices listed opposite their names (assuming we are re-electing the current board):

a. Wendy Christoff - President

b. Alison Martin - Vice President

c. Christina Boddy - Secretary and membership list coordinator

d. Bridget Martin - Treasurer

e. Cat Armitage - Director at large and rep to HCBC

f.  Kim Dennis - Director at large

6) Approval of a special resolution that Section 3.7 of the Dressage BC Bylaws be amended as follows:

The quorum for the transaction of business at a general meeting is 5 voting members. 

(After giving it some further thought, we don't need to include the part "2" of the special resolution language that I had sent in my earlier email.)

 7. Consideration of any other business

8. Conclusion of Meeting 




please renew your Dressage BC through HCBC

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