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Alison Martin

(Level III Coach and Program Administrator)

Alison and Vinny 2012.jpeg

I begged my parents to let me take riding lessons and finally one of the kids on the block started and I was able to finally convince them. My first riding instructor was Karen Robinson. Almost everyone at the barn competed at events. Being not so brave, I found I liked the dressage phase the best. Then I saw the 1984 Olympic Dressage on video tape and Reiner Klimke had me hooked. 

Some of my fondest personal achievements include winning my first class. A PSG at the Amherst Dressage Show 1995, I tied with Eleonore Elestone and won the tie. My second fondest memory is then winning the championship at that show after winning both the PSG and Int I. Of course I love all my horses, my special horse was Speedy, the naughty Anglo Arab who I was able to learn pretty much everything. Something you might not know about me is that I have written a fiction book. Who knows if it will ever be published or read by anyone other than me, but it was a personal achievement that I am also proud of.



Rebecca Garrard


I think I was born an addict! I was obsessed with horses early in life and it just escalated through the years. I found ways to fill the passion for horses, and here I am. 

I got serious about dressage when I was 16 and began lessons with Leslie Reid.

Highlights are getting my first horse, being Long listed, and the successes of my students have brought a lot of satisfaction through the years.

Och Heden was the best mentor. He taught me and still teaches me timing, sensitivity, power, and what truly in front of the leg feels like! He's the first horse that took me down the centreline from Training to Grand Prix. He always wants to work and never says "NO"! He's my horse soul mate...I could go on and on!

What you might not know is that I love to cook, garden, do home reno's, breeding/starting young horses and I've been riding a unicycle since I was 7!!

email:   Rebecca Garrard <>



Karen Pavicic


In addition to many other farm animals we had horses on my family farm when I was growing up. Horses have been a part of my life for as long as I remember. I joined Pony Club when I was 8 years old and was introduced to Dressage as part of a Eventing at that time. I rode in my first Canadian National Championships when I was 12 years old, and my first International competition when I was 17.

So far, my top achievements include winning the Adequan GDF 3* GP and the Special this year!!! Two weekends prior, competing at the Adequan GDF 4* Invitational. I also was a member of the 2007 Pan Am Games Team!

My favorite horse is difficult to choose, they have all been special to me for different reasons. However, the one that I think of the most often is Vincente who left this world far too soon.  

Something you might not know about me is that I love NUTELLA!! Lol!



Joni Lynn Peters


I grew up riding from the right beginning of my life on my parents' cattle ranch in North Central BC. I experienced all sorts of horses and disciplines from Draft to light Driving, Western/English competition, Reining, Gymkhana, Hunters, Jumpers, Eventers, and Racehorses.

I became serious about Dressage through Canadian Pony Club at 12 years old. With all of my various experiences, I think of myself as a horseman, not just a dressage trainer. 

A few of my career highlights include achieving my 'A' level Pony Club with National Honours. Team Gold and Individual Silver Medals at the American Continental Young Rider Championships in Ontario in Three Day Eventing, I was Short Listed with the Canadian Three Day Event Team in 1995, and then Short Listed with the Canadian 

Dressage Team in 1999 with the same horse. In 2012, I earned a Certificate of Capability from the FEI for the London Games 2012 on Travolta my self trained and owned horse. 

What you might not know about me is that I am a Level III coach in both Eventing and Dressage!

"In Dressage, our aim is to give back to the horse the grace and beauty of movement he naturally possesses."                                                     -Col. Christian Carde-



Kelly Hambleton


I started riding when I was 12yrs old. Every time I saw a horse I begged my parents to stop the car. My Mom found a place where I could take lessons and I was hooked. My first instructor was a dressage rider, and although I also took jumping lessons and showed hunters and jumpers when I was younger, I always really enjoyed my dressage lessons. 

I've enjoyed success with several horses over the years in the east and now in the west. I worked at the Maryland Horse Centre when I was in my early 20's and got a taste of the big shows in that area of the east coast. It really made me want to make horses my career. 

I moved to BC 25yrs ago from Newfoundland and was lucky enough to find work in the industry and soon became a certified coach. Although I've enjoyed many horses in my past, my relationship with my current horse, Shayan, has been most rewarding. He came to me as a inexperienced 10 year old and we've gone up the levels together to FEI. We're currently working on the Grand Prix.


tel: 604-275-1830

Shelley Lawder

ShelleyLawder_300dpi-6-1 2.jpeg

My father was South African and rode Gymkhana and jumped. My mother rode dressage. I grew up on a horse breeding farm on Vancouver Island.  

I got serious in dressage back in the early 70's. My Mom had a nice mare that I wanted to show.  The deal was that I could have her if I studied classical dressage.  Those were my first lessons, I had an excellent instructor trained in Germany (Lorna Brick) and I never knew any other way to ride, or work with a horse.  This was from about 5 years old, onward.

Since the 1990s, I have had some very successful FEI Jr. and Young Rider students. I love mentoring young talent, finding hidden aptitude, nurturing it, and seeing young riders blossom with understanding and ability. It was fun to compete at International levels myself (Gladstone, Pan Am trials, Olympic Festival, NAYRC) back in ʻ84 but now I get most excited about my student's successes.

My personal highlight was riding in Germany at Neuhof for 4 months with Conrad Schumacher, and four wonderful horses belonging to Kent and Dorreene Gillmore, my sponsors at the time. I've had some unbelievable horses, I’m very lucky in this regard. I think my favorite competition horse was a chestnut Diamante mare named Delicata.

Something you might not know about me is that I'm a licensed Realtor and love sales, business, negotiation, legal matters, marketing, I have a degree from UCSD and additional post degree credentials from Cal Lutheran and UC Santa Barbara in business, mediation and negotiation. I enjoy representing clients either selling or purchasing equestrian and other properties.


cell:  604-306-3498

Barn: Imperial Stables, Ladner, Delta, BC.

 Rochelle Kilberg

Headshot w Rudy Wesley.jpeg

I have been involved with horses since I was 10 years old, starting as a 4-H member and Pony Clubber competing in dressage, jumping and eventing. 

Some of my top achievements include being the high performance athlete representative for the Athletes Council of Dressage Canada 2007-2009. I was also short and long listed for Canada on multiple horses since 2000. In 2009, I was one of 2 riders to represent Canada at the Sydney, Austrialia CDI Invitational. 

One of my favorite horses which I had the privilege to ride and train was West-Bay. He was my first International mount that took me to my first Pan Am Trials in 2003 in Quebec. West-Bay taught me about dedication, compassion and the values dressage requires. 

I strive to provide riders with the tools to go as far as they wish with their own goals and aspirations. I ride and train at my family owned and operated stable “Hazelmere Equestrian Center”, located in South Surrey, British Columbia.

Something that you may not know about me is that I love to paint and play piano. Before I dedicated my time to riding and coaching full time, I worked as an Interior Designer for our family boat building business.  


tel:   604-202-4869



Andrea Taylor


Horses have always been a part of my life. The older I get, the more I realize these animals and the journey I have been on with them have taught me more about life than anything else! My mum was a rider when she lived in England and my aunt continues to ride and coach eventers in the UK. I happily went from being a competitive swimmer to a Pony Clubber when I was 11 years old! Once I had completed my Pony Club 'A', I realized that Dressage was really where my heart was. The intense bond between horse and rider is like nothing else. 

From pony club, I went on to Young Riders where in 1989 I was on the Gold Medal Team. In 1996 I moved to Germany where I lived, trained and competed on many horses through Grand Prix for close to four years, all over Europe. Since 2007, I have been the Canadian Paralympic Team coach. I have coached the Team at two Paralympic Games, two World Championships and soon, my second World Equestrian Games.

One of my special horses is the horse with whom I competed at Grand Prix for Canada and was the same horse who got me involved with Para.....Dior. Dior and a couple of others horses namely Ulysses and my up and coming six year old, Demarko NPF, have those special qualities of wanting to work hard, build a bond with their 'person' and perform. These horses stand out to me! They want to be partners and that feels amazing.

Something people might not know about me....I love the Arts in all of its’ forms....especially painting, photography and dance.



Lorraine Chappell


I was bitten by the "horse bug" early. Raised in North Vancouver to "non-horsey" parents, they still don't know how I got this affliction. I purchased my first horse when I was 15, and worked after school and weekends at a Vet Clinic to support him. 

I first ventured in Dressage in my 20's when I had a TB mare that I thought would benefit from the structure of Dressage. Turned out I did too!  

I have had many moments with my horses that I will always remember, and certainly not all of these special memories have to do with competition, or achievement. Still, within those, winning in the CDI at Pebble Beach, and hearing our anthem, being named to three Can Am Challenge Teams, and winning the National Championship for Int 1 are right up there. 

I truly don't have a favorite horse - sort of like having a favorite kid isn't it? I have been blessed with a few individuals in my career that have wiggled into my heart, and grabbed hold. They are unique in every way, and though I have said goodbye to some, they are always with me. I am reminded every day how challenging riding well is, and my partners over the years have been my best teachers.

Outside of horses, I am a hockey fan and follow the Canucks avidly! And I have soft spot for all animals and have a large four legged family, that are mostly refugees. 


Sandra Verda-Zanatta


I think I was born with a love for horses! One day when I was 10 years old I decided I was going to take riding lessons. So I walked neighbours dogs and weeded gardens to finally earn $72 (at that time enough for 6 lessons) which I figured was approximately how many it would take to learn how to ride! Well, 30 years and a few more pennies later my journey with horses continues! 

I became serious about dressage in my teens. Some of my fondest moments in my career to date include achieving High Performance Certification, standing in the middle of the Olympic arena during the medal ceremonies at 2008 Paralympic Games in Hong Kong where one of my long-time students won Gold and Silver medals for Canada and watching a very special student who started on a pony with his head in the air to eventually riding down the centre line at North American Young Rider Championships in Kentucky. 

My passion is teaching; guiding young riders, developing their abilities and fostering their partnerships with their horses, that is what I love. My students inspire me daily to be better and continue to learn. 

Although I have been fortunate to have many great equine teachers, Wilhelm, one of my personal horses is by far my favourite. I’ve owned him since he was 3 and he is now starting his FEI career. He is a character in the barn and a technical horse to ride; while being ultra sensitive, he has tremendous strength, power and expression. I recognize my good fortune and appreciate him every day; he is my true partner and teacher. 

Something you might not know is that I love Rodeo and NASCAR!


Wendy Christoff


I started riding when I was 8 years old and got my first pony when I was 13.  I did a bit of everything including being a rodeo princess for the Cloverdale rodeo in 1972.  I stared dressage in 1980 after I saw a demonstration at the PNE and fell in love with the beauty and harmony.  

My most influential dressage coaches have been Jacqui Oldham, Leslie Reid and Dietrich von Hopfgarten. Currently I train with Leslie Reid and Bert Rutten and clinic with Ellen Bontje and Gina Smith.

My career highlights include being the reserve rider for Canada for WEG in 2010 and training and competing in Europe with Robert Dover. Winning the Canadian National Champion aboard Eleonore Elstone's stallion Sunny Boy, who took me from a basic rider to my first PSG.

My favourite horse to date is Pfalstaff, aka Panama, who took me from the national level of riding to an international GP rider. Together we travelled to California, Belgium, Holland, Germany , France, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania. The closeness and connection I felt with that horse has never been duplicated. I was devastated to lose him.

When I am not busy with horses, I am an avid outdoors person. I enjoy running, cycling, skiing, snowshoeing, paddle boarding and compete in mini triathlons.  My husband and I love to cook and play bridge so life is very full!



Jodie Baker

My Mom was an avid rider and I started riding as soon as I could walk. I gained experience on many different ponies and horses and completed my "A" pony club level when I was 20. I became more serious about dressage when my Mom put me in lessons with Leslie Reid, back when she taught monthly clinics in Prince George. Since then I have taken lessons with Wendy Christoff, Joni Lynn Peters, Eleonore Elstone, Robert Dover, Ellen Bontje, Conrad Schumacher and Edward Gal. My favorite accomplishments were being a Pan American Games finalist in 1999 with Alberta Springs, a Hanovarian gelding, I really loved. Another was training Madore, a Danish gelding from a green broke three year old, to a Grand Prix partner who helped me win a Grand Prix freestyle at Rancho Murieta, California. I have really loved the journey to the FEI levels with so many horses, and the fantastic people I have met along the way. My year as a World Cup show groom and rider for Netherland's Sven Rothenberger, helped teach me about preparing horses for travel. Extensive travel with horses is part of living and training in Prince George, BC, and I have also gained experience keeping horses interested in their work with a variety of exercises, because training indoors most of the year is a reality in Northern BC. I have a Masters degree in Education, with an interest in recent brain research and learning styles, and I have taught riders from 4 years old to 71 ! Finally, I am good at matching horses and riders well and in the past four years have successfully sold three FEI horses to beautiful, luxurious homes in California. I live with my husband and two children, and enjoy skating, sledding, and helping my kids with their riding!




Karen Robinson


I got my first rotten little pony ($100 including tack!) when I was two years old and I never looked back. 

I became much more serious about dressage when mortality hit at age 30 and I decided that cross country was for those who bounce more easily. 

Highlights in my competitive career include Team Gold and Individual tenth at the 1985 North American JR/YR Championships Three Day Event, getting to the Prix St. Georges level with my eventer-turned-dressage-horse Punch. 

My favourite horse is of course her current one, Theo, because he’s a lap dog and so darned cute. 

Something people might not know about me is that I was born in Inuvik, NWT. 

I would be interested in answering questions about freestyles. Of course.