Our Full Program Description


Our Full Program Description

Dressage BC is a grassroots provincial program that promotes and supports the education and development of dressage riders of both Classical and Western pursuits. It supports educational opportunities and provides a network that helps riders develop and progress through the levels within their geographic area. Dressage BC collaborates with organizations such as Horse Council BC, BC Young Riders Dressage Program and CADORA.


To support the provision of Quality education and development for riders in conjunction with the HCBC Zones.

To assist with sustainable dressage in the regional areas of the Province through education and athlete development within their geographical zones.

To facilitate and support the educational clinics at local facilities in the Zones through fund raising activities and external sources of funding.

To identify the educational and training needs of riders.

To provide remote education services through the implementation of online rider development tools.

The performance of our organization will be evaluated through through the growth of our Membership.


To assist in the identification of young athletes who are targeted for high-performance sport by HCBC and BCYRP. Together, our goal is to help athletes get the necessary education to progress through the levels. 

To provide leadership and a coordinated approach to the development of the education program by engaging key internal and external stakeholders.

To support our Education program through our Scholarship, Grants and Awards Program plus any other sources of external funding such as provincial/local governments and industry grants. All members are able to apply for group activity funding through our non profit organization.

To provide access to our Insurance Policy for members wishing to hold education clinics.


- "Ask an Expert": online education program for Members which includes Professionals like Coaches, Judges and Competition organizers;

- Ride-a-Test Program: online education program where riders upload tests via YouTube. Tests to be judged by licensed judges;

- Ride-a-Test clinics with select Judges who evaluate and give feedback on how to improve;

- Assist zones to provide Improve your dressage technique clinics in identified geographical areas;

- Scholarships and Grants Program to support Educational Clinics.


Junior: under 13 Entry level and rider education and development for children. Can include preparation for Rising Stars, BC Summer Games, Heritage Classic, and Equine Canada Bronze/Silver/Gold Competitions.

Youth: Ages 13-17. Entry level and rider education and development for Youth. Can include preparation for BC Summer Games, Heritage Classic, Canadian Interprovincial Equestrian Competition, and Equine Canada Bronze/Silver/Gold Competitions. 

Adult: Ages 18-50 Entry level and rider education and development. Can include preparation for competitions including Heritage Classic, Canadian Interprovincial Equestrian Competition, and Equine Canada Bronze and Gold Competitions.

Senior (A/A): Age 50+  Entry level and rider education and development. Can include preparation for competitions including Heritage Classic, Canadian Interprovincial Equestrian Competition, Equestrian Division of the BC Senior Games, Centennial Club and Equine Canada Bronze and Gold Competitions.

Western Dressage: rider education and development and/or preparation for competitions including the Heritage Classic and the CIEC's through the use of classical dressage principles to train and develop the western rider and horse. 

Sponsored Awards will be presented for at the end of each Year.

Scholarships and Grants will be awarded by the Scholarships, Grants and Awards Committee annually.





FREE to Members! 

As a Dressage BC member you now have access to the knowledge and expertise from some of BC's top professionals.  Email your question to dressagebc@gmail.com with "Ask-an-Expert" and your Dressage BC and HCBC Membership #'s in the subject line. 

Important: Please read our Disclaimer and Terms of Use prior to asking your question.

Your question will be directed to one of BC's top participating professionals. Between the many Level III coaches and other professionals participating in this program and their vast experience, there is no question too challenging or interesting!

Level III coach, Alison Martin, is the Manager of the program and will assign your questions randomly to one of the participating coaches listed below via email, the coach will respond to your question directly back to you. All questions are welcome and will be answered privately. This is an amazing opportunity to be connected to some of the top coaches in BC for NO CHARGE!

Thank you to our coaches who have agreed to answer your questions.  Click on "Coaches Corner for information on the following Level III Coaches.

Rebecca Garrard, Rochelle Kilberg, Sandra Verde-Zanatta, Karen Pavicic, Eleonore Elstone, Shelley Lawder, Andrea Taylor, Wendy Christoff, Joni Lynn Peters, Lorraine Chappell, Jodie Baker, Kelly Hambleton and Alison Martin.

Freestyle specialist Karen Robinston has also joined the group.

Click on Ask-an-Expert for more details on our participating Level IlI Coaches and other professionals.

Any question about dressage, paradressage and western dressage are welcome!


 Regardless of the source or origin of any answer you may receive, you agree that any use you make of such content is at your own risk and that neither any of the professionals nor Dressage BC are responsible for the accuracy of such advice or comment, or for any losses resulting from your reliance on such advice. Such advice should never be used as a substitute for paid advice from a qualified professional. All advice available through or in connection with Dressage BC is informational only and provided "as is" without warranties, representations, or guarantees of any kind. By submitting a question, you acknowledge that neither Dressage BC nor the professional is responsible for any response you receive or do not receive, and you agree to hold Dressage BC and the Coach harmless from any loss, harm, injury or damage resulting from or arising out of your submission of the question or your use of or reliance on any response.

Special rules relating to the Ask the Expert

  • You must be a Member of Dressage BC
  • You must be a Member of HCBC

The answers or advice provided by the experts in the "Ask-an-Expert" program is provided for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for paid professional education or or advice. Do not delay seeking or disregard advice based on answers you may receive from the Ask-an-Expert program. Reliance on any information provided via Dressage BC by relevant professionals, is solely at your own risk. Neither Dressage BC nor the professionals assume liability or responsibility for damage or injury to persons or property arising from any use of any information, idea, or instruction contained in the answers or comments provided to you.



Online Ride-a-Test Program

Online Ride-a-Test Program


Dressage BC Ride-a-Test Videos

About this program

Dressage BC's Ride-a-Test Program provides riders of all levels and abilities to ride a test anywhere they live in BC.

This program encourages riders to test their training and provides feedback from licensed judges which supports developmental and progressive training. In addition, testing your training is part of athlete development and provides riders with new goals.

To participate, riders record their test(s), upload to You Tube, send the registration form and pay the $20.00 per test entry fee on our website. Within two weeks, each competitor will receive a copy of the judge’s scores and comments for their test.

Tests which may be used: HCBC or EC Dressage Tests, and HCBC Western Dressage Tests.

Rules to be used: HCBC Dressage and HCBC Western Dressage rules will be used..

Test results may be used for our Year end Awards Program if your barn is more than one hour away from a licensed HCBC competition.

How to to Participate

Participants must have current Dressage BC and HCBC memberships. Dressage BC memberships can be purchased at the time of the first video entry.

HCBC rules apply i.e. for tack and turnout (show attire is not mandatory but horses, tack and turnout should be clean and tidy);

Riders are encouraged to compete at their level of capability;

Tests must be recorded in an enclosed arena or ring with a minimum 20m x 40m (66 feet X 131 feet) with the letters set up using the correct dimensions. If your arena is larger, you must mark off an area of this size so that video results are similar;

The camera must be placed at “C” (far end of ring/arena), approximately 5 m (16.5 feet) back and between 1.5m-2.5m (5 feet -8 feet) high. If the zoom feature is used- the horse may be no larger than 1⁄4 of the screen. The recording should start approximately 5 seconds before the class or individual rider enters the arena. In an indoor arena, the rider may already be in the arena, and the recording will start 5 seconds before judging of the test begins. The recording should finish approximately 5 seconds after the test ends or after the final salute at the end of an individual test;

Make sure that a well-lighted arena is used. Please preview your video submission to ensure that it is clear before submitting your entry.


1) Create a YouTube Account

Go to www.YouTube.com and create an account. To do this, click on the 'Sign Up' button at the top of the screen. Fill out all of the requested information. An email will be sent to you asking you to confirm your email address. Click the link in the email to confirm.

2) Customize Your YouTube Profile

You may customize your profile by clicking on your username at the top of the screen. You can choose to add a photo, video logs, favourite videos, subscribers, and friends.

3) Fill in the Video Upload Information

To upload a video, go to the upload page by clicking on 'Upload' in the upper right corner of the homepage. On this page, fill out your video information including your name and the test(s) ridden.

4) Upload the Video to YouTube

Click on 'Upload Video' to find a video file on your computer. Next, click the browse button to search for the file you want to upload. Double click on the file and it will appear in the text box. Click on 'Upload Video.'

Please be aware that posting videos on YouTube without security settings will allow outside individuals to view your video. It is highly recommended that users set the YouTube security setting to “Unlisted” (Only those who have been provided the link, can view the video).

Videos may include more than one test (provide for a 5 second pause between tests)

5) Make the Payment using the Ride-a-Test Payment form (click on the horse) one payment per test

6) Fill out the Entry Form and click send

*If you do not have internet access, please mail a CD and all information required on the entry form plus a cheque, to 21022 20 Ave. Langley BC V2Z 2G3:



Online Ride-a-Test Entry Form

Online Ride-a-Test Entry Form

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